Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More on Growing your Business making Baby Footprints and Handprints for Families

There are many avenues to market your baby footprint and handprint business. One sure way to market yourself and your ceramic business is to do shows. There are many birth and baby fairs, craft fairs and children's fairs that you are able to take part in. You can find out about these shows in your area as well as ones that would be worth traveling to by searching online and contacting your local chamber of commerce and recreation departments. Often times these shows are sponsored by your local community groups, moms groups and hospitals.

The biggest benefit of doing these shows is that you come into contact with literally hundreds of potential clients. Be sure to get out there and talk to everyone. Giving them your brochure is always a good idea. Plus, it is to your advantage to give them a discount coupon with all your contact information on it so they are able to find you. Having pictures of your samples on your brochure will help sell your product as well. Have your prices available. Make is easy for your clients to know what they are buying and how much it costs.

There are lots of shows and fairs where you are able to take your clay handprints right there. This is great because people always like to see you taking the prints and this will encourage others to have their children's handprints done as well. In our 36 years of experience of doing these shows it was always to our benefit to give a discount at the show. Clients always appreciate the discount and tend to purchase more.

Doing the same shows year after year is a real benefit to you. Try to get the same booth in the same location at each show so that your clients can find you easily. You will be amazed at how they will look for you in that same spot year after year. Once you have made clay handprints and footprints for one member of the family, you will have them coming back year after year to have all their other children done. Often times they will come to a particular show in their area just to find you and have you make prints for them.

This clay handprint business is a year round business. Look for shows in your area that are children and family oriented. Be sure to apply early so that you are not late with application dates and that all your ducks are in a row. Doing these shoes is an excellent way to add new clients to your business and can be very profitable too.