Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Value of Networking for your Baby Clay Handprint Business.

Most of your clients in this baby handprint business will be moms and parents. You want to be able to target this market and make contact with them without spending big bucks. This is where networking with them would be to your advantage.
Some of your clients will be referrals, some may find out about you through word of mouth, wherever your clients are, network, network, network. Don't pass up an opportunity to speak and network at a mom's group, a women's network, a local tea for new moms, birthing classes or wherever expectant moms or moms and parents are.
You are more likely to gain customers at a local mom's group by having coffee with them than you are say at a bar. This allows you build a trusting relationship with them. One that is authentic. You are more relaxed and comfortable. You will be more able to talk about your business and yourself and then give them a chance to share something with you about themselves. You will learn and develop the art of listening. Your baby business will build ten fold by being a good listener by being attentive and supportive.
You will be surprised at how one happy customer will turn into ten. Take the time to talk to your future clients. Tell them about your self, your business and what makes your baby handprint business so special. Show them the value of your business and why they want to come to you. Make it personal with them. Everyone wants to feel like they matter to you. By networking you will be building a trusting relationship with your clients that will be here for you year after year.